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3 Ton Pneumatic Car Air Jack

3 Ton Pneumatic Car Air Jack

Pneumatic Jacks Designed Tough and Built to Last! Every air Jack is super fast. Bag air Jack is one of the most useful tools in the body shop. It’s compact, powerful and very fast to use. Bag air Jack is simply the easiest and fastest way to install pinch weld clamps on the frame machine.

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Capacity: 3.0Ton
Working Pressure: 145 Psi/10Bar/1.0Mpa
Min. Height:145mm/5.71”
Max. Height: 400mm/16”
Air Inlet :G1/4
Lifting Time: 5 Sec
Working Temp.: -60℃~ 50℃

High Capacity
Well Constructed
Thickened Rubber


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