Edënbërg Cutlery Set 72 Pcs


Edënbërg Cutlery Set with 72 Pcs from Polish satin

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Dinner knives 12 pcs
Dinner forks 12 pcs
Dinner spoons 12 pcs

Teaspoons 12 pcs
Serving spoons 2 pcs
Meat forks 2 pcs
Soup ladle 1 psc
Sauce ladle 1 psc

Sugar tong 1 psc
Sugar spoon 1 psc

Salad spoon 1 psc
Salad fork 1 psc

Cake forks 12 pcs
Cake server 1 psc
Cream spoon 1 psc

Sauce ladle 1pc


Polish satin polish

Wyprodukowano WP.R.C



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Edënbërg Cutlery Set 72 Pcs

Edënbërg Cutlery Set 72 Pcs