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Diesel Injector Extractor Set

Diesel Injector Extractor Set

An extractor set suitable for most diesel injectors due to the large range of adapters, sockets and pullers included.

Manufactured from high-quality steel with CR-V sockets, ensuring excellent durability.


3 different slide hammers:
1.6kg – 160mm long
2.7kg – 460mm long
5.1kg – 600mm long

Pulling claws with fork opening
13.7 x 18mm, 105mm long
12.7 x 19mm, 130mm long

Slotted 6pt 1/2” sockets, 100mm long. Sizes: 25, 27, 28, 29, 30

Injector extractor M17 x 1.0 spindle

Pulling adapter with external thread
M27 x 1.0 and M25 x 1.0

Pulling adapter with internal thread
M27 X 1.0 spindle

Various nuts, adapters and fittings to aid removal


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