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28pcs Cooling System &radiator Cap Pressure Tester

28pcs Cooling System &radiator Cap Pressure Tester

Device for checking and filling cooling systems, suitable for all common types of vehicles.


The hand pump generates excess pressure in the system via a vehicle-specific adapter attached to the cooler or surge tank. The pressure indicator allows to check the tightness of the system. The overpressure in the system also allows visual inspection for leaks in case of pressure loss.
The professional color-coded pressure gauge guarantees a safe, accurate and simple test.
Hand pressure pump with color coded 0-35 psi gauge & pressure valve with temperature display, 3 piece pressure cleaning and filling tool, 3 chrome steel radiator adapters, 17 radiator adapters, 1 universal radiator adapter, 3 test adapters for radiator cap
Complete set with plastic case including user manual



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